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Over the past year, we collaborated with Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) on a series of innovative initiatives to emphasize the significance of energy efficiency and sustainability for small businesses in Nova Scotia. During this partnership, we had the privilege of collaborating with several local businesses such as the Nova Scotia Community College, ReCover and Den Haan Greenhouses, among others. These businesses were committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and operating sustainably, which is why they approached Efficiency Nova Scotia for support.

Our team was ecstatic to assist these businesses in conveying their stories and showcasing their commitment to sustainability through imaginative content. We approached each location and narrative uniquely, highlighting the business’s efforts and values while producing visually stimulating and captivating content that captures the audience’s attention and the project’s essence.

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s programs are fundamental for small businesses as they offer financial incentives, energy audits, and other resources to help businesses lower their energy expenses and improve their sustainability practices. By employing photo and video assets, ENS has been able to spread the word about these programs, encouraging small businesses across the province to take advantage of them.

Our collaboration with ENS allowed us to be innovative and creative in our storytelling approach for these vital stories. We take pride in having worked with many inspiring local businesses and in having played a role in promoting sustainability and energy efficiency in Nova Scotia.