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Over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to work with Marchand Homes and create beautiful photo and video content for their business.

Marchand Homes started as a small, family business back in 2016 and has grown to be one of the top building companies in Nova Scotia. For them, success is all about the customer – they want to help bring your dream home to life. With a focus on family and core values of quality, value and integrity, Marchand Homes brings true meaning to “customer first”. They honour the trust their customers put in them and understand the importance of detail and quality when building a family home.

We love working with companies that are passionate about what they do and for Marchand Homes, their passion shines through in every home they build. When capturing their story, we wanted to make sure that it felt relaxed, approachable and to show what the process of working with them is like, start to finish. A business is more than the sales they make, or the products the produce. Getting to know the people “behind the curtain” leads to higher brand awareness and ultimately solidifies customer loyalty, because customers want to work with brands they know and trust.

Check out the Marchand Homes story and stunning builds!