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As a creative agency always seeking exciting projects, we recently had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Dartmouth General Hospital on their inspiring “Lead On” campaign. This initiative aims to raise funds for the hospital’s expansion project, including developing a new surgical suite, critical care unit, and emergency department. Our role was to provide high-end photography that captures the campaign’s spirit and encourages community support.

From the get-go, we were captivated by the energy surrounding the “Lead On” campaign. We brainstormed and devised a plan to visually depict the campaign’s essence while putting a spotlight on the remarkable individuals involved. Our goal was to create powerful images that would ignite a sense of connection and inspire the community to rally behind this important cause.

We were welcomed by the hospital staff, patients, doctors, and nurses who generously shared their stories and displayed unwavering support for the “Lead On” campaign. Their passion was palpable, and we were honoured to capture their spirit through our lenses. We were also granted access to the hospital’s construction site, where we witnessed the ongoing progress of the expansion project. The determination and dedication of everyone involved were truly inspiring.

Our collaboration with Dartmouth General Hospital on the “Lead On” campaign was inspiring and we were happy to be able to help them capture this incredible initiative. If you’re looking for exceptional photography services that can bring your vision to life, reach out! We’d be thrilled to discuss how we can collaborate on creating meaningful visuals for your next project. Check out the “Lead On” Campaign below!

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