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This year we had the pleasure of working with an incredible, local technology company, B-Line Analytics.

B-Line is a workplace management and health optimization platform that helps building owners and employers to prevent the spread of infectious disease. They offer services including space utilization, contact tracing, resource management and seamless integration.

When creating content for Technology or Healthcare focused companies, itโ€™s vital to share the information and services they provide in a concise manner, but that doesnโ€™t have to mean stagnant. Through our creative process of storyboarding, researching and throughout video production we make it our mission to not just tell the story but to bring the story to life. Our goal for this project was to deliver a clean and informative product that highlighted the services B-Line offers all shot within one of the many business spaces they are partnered with.

We came up with the concept to do a voice-over brand video as it best helped walk the viewer through the management tools they offer, while showing their products in action. We wanted to elevate the story of this up and coming tech company in the ever changing world and deliver them a product they could share with the public and private sectors relevant to their business.

The world and how we work is constantly evolving and companies like B-Line are helping workplaces bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. We had such a fun time working on this project and loved working with the incredibly diverse and amazing group of talent that was involved in bringing this brand video to life!

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