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A big congratulations to Ampersand Cafe on their official opening last week – we are so excited to welcome you to the city!

Ampersand Cafe is a new social enterprise in Halifax, spearheaded by Metro Works Employment and in collaboration with Halifax Public Libraries. This beautiful space offers tasty treats, amazing coffee from Nova Coffee and friendly service – โ€œcoffee and kindnessโ€ is literally their motto!

Metro Works is a non for profit that focuses on positive social change through contribution to local economy, communities and the people that live in them. Providing work education programs and social enterprises such as Ampersand Cafe, Metro Works continues to put resources back into the community, creating growth and further opportunity.

It was our pleasure to work with Ampersand Cafe, helping them share their purpose and goals through a creative content shoot, including a brand video and over a months worth of lifestyle photos that can be used to tell their story and kickstart their online presence. Working together, we create a gallery filled with evergreen and trending content that beautifully tells the story of your business – created specifically with your target audience in mind.

Please be sure to check out Ampersand Cafe next time youโ€™re in town!